About Us

We are MaidEnergy, a volunteer-led not for profit co-operative committed to cutting carbon emissions and enabling community ownership of locally generated renewable energy.

We have done this before.

Our first share scheme financed solar PV at Norden Farm in Maidenhead and Magna Carta School in Egham.  These installations will be generating green electricity and saving money for the sites for over 20 years, and local people who invested are benefiting from healthy returns and helping to address the climate emergency.

10 more solar PV installations.

This share scheme will fund solar PV on schools and community buildings.

Why now?

This share offer is timed to launch while government incentives are still guaranteed for 20 years and before the plug is pulled on the guaranteed renewable generation feed-in tariff and export price.

There has never been a better time to invest in renewable community energy

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Join us, see your investment generate a good return and help address the climate crisis we face.

Voluntary directors of MaidEnergy, from left to right:

Sean Walters, Ben Niblett, Leah Robson, Michael Beaven and Nicola Davidson

Share Offer Summary

Share offer opened: 18th June 2019
Minimum investment: £100
Maximum investment: £50,000
Minimum target: £200,000
Maximum target: £350,000
Share offer closed: 22nd July 2019

Current amount raised*

This offer closed on 22nd July 2019. The Board reserves the right to reopen this offer for a period of up to three weeks.  If you would like to be informed if the offer reopens, please contact us.

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